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Privacy Policy

As part of assisting our clients and providing legal services, CAPC is required to collect, maintain, use and disclose various kinds of personal information. Any and all such personal information is collected and managed strictly in accordance with all applicable privacy laws (including, without limitation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), laws respecting to lawyer-client privilege and confidentiality, as well as the highest standards of the legal profession.

CAPC may use such collected personal information for various purposes, including, without limitation, assessing credit-worthiness of potential/new clients, providing legal services and/or related/ancillary products and/or services, maintaining contact, billing and related information as part of our retainer.

Prior to collecting and/or disclosing personal information (unless permitted otherwise by law) CAPC will obtain the consent of the person to whom the information pertains respecting the collection and/or disclosure of said personal information. Sometimes such consent will be implied from the person’s conduct in dealing with CAPC or from the nature of that person’s request. In other instances, circumstances will require, permit and/or justify proceeding without the person’s express consent (e.g. where required by law, where reasonably required to protect the rights, safety, property, etc. of others, where reasonably required by CAPC to pursue its own remedies, the engagement/retainer of expert witnesses on the person’s behalf, other law firms or professionals on the person’s behalf).

In circumstances where CAPC is required to engage/retain third parties on behalf of a client, we require that said third party provide assurances that all personal information will be collected managed and disclosed strictly in accordance with CAPC’s privacy policy and we will provide to such third parties only such information that is relevant for the purposes for which they are engaged/retained and is necessary to allow such purposes to be met.

CAPC employs various measures to safeguard personal information in our custody and control to protect against loss, theft and/or unauthorized use, access, disclosure or destruction. However, there are no reasonably means to absolutely securing the storage, management or transmission of personal information (whether in paper, electronic or other format).

CAPC may revise its privacy policy from time to time as part of staying current with applicable privacy laws and as part of our continuing commitment to our clients. Will notify our clients of any such change(s) through our website.

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